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day 020 – rest day

Dienstag, April 20th, 2010

kaili – rest day

maintenance day. bike and gear needed a good wash….



day 019 – km 28953

Dienstag, April 20th, 2010

xiajiang – kaili

36,8km 307 alti meter

we rode to rongjiang where we decided to take a bus to kaili. which worked out better then i thought.

 P1080358 P1080359  P1080362 P1080363


some nice festivals along the road, with people in their traditional clothings

 P1080384 P1080410  

some passengers got a little seasick on the windy mountain road, while our race-bus-driver was in multi-mode (driving, smoking, spitting and honking the horn!?)

P1080413 P1080415 P1080416

checking out the local food specialties (all in the name of science of course!) 😉

day 018 – km 28916

Dienstag, April 20th, 2010

dulio jiang river – xiajiang

60,1km 451 alti meter

my speedometer gave up, as it might had enough of the rain, rain, rain…

IMG_1075 IMG_1071

 P1080333 P1080339 P1080348


day 017 – km 28856

Dienstag, April 20th, 2010

sanjiang – dulio jiang river

87,24km 427 alti meter

more rain in the morning, but it cleared off a little in the afternoon. we left the guangxi province and entered the much poorer guinzhou province. (the roads turned rougher and sometimes muddy) after following the xin jiang river we now ride along the dulio jiang river upstreams and found a nice campspot at the river bank.

IMG_1070 IMG_1066

P1080315 P1080316 P1080322

day 016 – km 28770

Dienstag, April 20th, 2010

longsheng – sangjiang

78,90km 429 alti meter

another interesting day on the road. so far not one day like the other! different landscape, different people, different customs…


 P1080202 P1080205 P1080243P1080206


P1080220 P1080226  P1080240

 IMG_0988 IMG_0992 IMG_0994 IMG_0997 IMG_1010 P1080245


 IMG_1015 IMG_1029


 P1080266 P1080267  P1080281 




P1080294 P1080297 P1080299

day 015 – km 28691

Dienstag, April 20th, 2010

guilin – longsheng

98,13km 894 alti meter

after a grey morning the sky cleared off a little and it turned into a nice riding day.


the “harp man” playing the blues…





dragon´s backbone rice terraces


chinese pizza

day 014 – rest day

Dienstag, April 20th, 2010

guilin – rest day

more rain, low temperatures and different shades of grey…. so, a good day to do some “modifications” to my bike, which shows signs of age and heavy usage.

 IMG_0927 IMG_0931

mission control center. alex with our 3 chinese cycling friends.


finaly found someone who speaks a couple words english and a welder….


… modified front rack ….


the idea was that a solid bolt should keep my bottom bracket in place. i will see if the improvised material does the job…. 


chinese tuk-tuk-taxi