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day 061 – train ride

Dienstag, Juni 1st, 2010

chengdu – beijing

32 hours on the train….


red … travelled on bike

black …. travelled by public transportation (ferry, train, bus)

day 060 – rest day

Dienstag, Juni 1st, 2010

chengdu – rest day

resting and getting ready for the train ride to beijing. i hope that we get there comfortably, as it took me about 3hours to get the tickets!? at first i had tickets really fast, as i wrote exactly what i wanted and drew pictures, but somehow i ended up with tickets to the right destination but not the beds that i wanted (its a over 30h train ride). back at the ticket office they try to tell me, that if i would like to change the tickets i have to go to the main office at the train station. i tried to explain to them that it was not me who made a mistake and therefore i shouldn´t be the one who has to spend extra time and money into  solving the problem. trying to explain the problem included of course at least 10 people and i ended up going with the lady from the ticket office downtown to the train station and back!? (she had to close her office for that)