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day 104 – rest day

Dienstag, Juli 13th, 2010

cracow – rest day

time for a blog update, bike maintenance and some backups…. and some sightseeing of course! (but only if the temperatures drop in the late afternoon!?) andrzej gave us a interesting walking tour in the old town and jewish quarter of krakow.

 P1110813 P1110814 P1110815 P1110816 P1110818 


day 103 – km 33310

Dienstag, Juli 13th, 2010

ogrodzieniec – cracow

69km 417 alti meter

the rolling hills are getting steeper and longer. it is obvious that we are getting closer to the mountains. we tried to escape the brutal midday heat with a nap in the park of olkusz. after some more hot hills we roll downsteams the pradnik river through the ojcow national park. after checking in at the hostel a nice walk around old district of cracow.


P1110735 P1110736   P1110739

day 102 – km 33241

Dienstag, Juli 13th, 2010

piasek – ogrodzieniec

61km 694 alti meter

we pass some nice leaf tree forests and pine woods. the trails are sometimes just some sandy tracks which are not really bikeable (especially with a loaded bike), although they are signed out as the cycling route!?


P1110708 P1110703 

IMG_3426  IMG_3429  IMG_3434  IMG_3440


day 101 – km 33180

Dienstag, Juli 13th, 2010

kamiensk – piasek

96km 465 alti meter

we started early and got to czestochowa for lunch break and some sightseeing before getting on the “trail of the eagles nests” (the runins of medieval castles lay like bird nests on small hills in the jurassic upland).

IMG_3403 P1110681      

IMG_3405   IMG_3410    IMG_3417 


day 100 – km 33083

Dienstag, Juli 13th, 2010

domaniewice – kamiensk

100km 392 alti meter

the bottom bracket suffered again in this sandy rolling hills / detours, so i exchanged the chinese 8mm bolt that kept the bottom bracket together for more then 5500km!?

P1110647 P1110649

IMG_3393 IMG_3396 IMG_3398

to hot to put on the rain cover of the tent, but some shelter from the mosquitos and the morning dew version a


to hot to put on the rain cover of the tent, but some shelter from the mosquitos and the morning dew version b

day 099 – km 32983

Dienstag, Juli 13th, 2010

gora kalwaria – domaniewice

93km 387 alti meter

we left the vestula river and followed the pilica river valley. the cornfields changed to fruit & vegetables fields (strawberry, cherry,….)

IMG_3354 IMG_3355  IMG_3359     IMG_3379  IMG_3381

a fair price for cyclists!

IMG_3382 IMG_3384P1110639  IMG_3391IMG_3392   P1110643

finaly some sport after a day on the bike!?

day 098 – km 32888

Dienstag, Juli 13th, 2010

warsaw – gora kalwaria

40km 104 alti meter

magda & maciek from krakow gave us some great tipps about the route and whats to see along it! we left late and it´s alex´s b-day, so we checked in at the only motel in the village and watched the soccer game on tv.

P1110620 P1110621 P1110622