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day 064 – sightseeing

Sonntag, Juni 6th, 2010

beijing – sightseeing

the beijing metro in rush hour is a “impressive” experience! we went to the forbidden city to see the palace museum, the gallery of treasures and the gallery of timepieces…


 P1100140 P1100145 P1100154 P1100158      

IMG_2612 IMG_2617 IMG_2618  P1100159


IMG_2624 IMG_2629





day 063 – km 30936

Sonntag, Juni 6th, 2010

beijing – sightseeing

40km 109 alti meter

nice ride around town to see the tianánmen square and some hutong called districts. nice little shops, filled with “antik” instruments in one district and all kind of food / non food stores in another one. all what a tourist could want in narrow alleys.




P1100137   IMG_2584  



IMG_2598 IMG_2599 


day 062 – rest day

Sonntag, Juni 6th, 2010

beijing – rest day

we arrived in beijing in the morning and tried to ride to david. (a very nice and well travelled “warmshower-host”) there is a lot to see and do in bejing, so we spent the rest of the day planing the next couple days of sightseeing.

 P1100117 P1100118 P1100119

day 061 – train ride

Dienstag, Juni 1st, 2010

chengdu – beijing

32 hours on the train….


red … travelled on bike

black …. travelled by public transportation (ferry, train, bus)

day 060 – rest day

Dienstag, Juni 1st, 2010

chengdu – rest day

resting and getting ready for the train ride to beijing. i hope that we get there comfortably, as it took me about 3hours to get the tickets!? at first i had tickets really fast, as i wrote exactly what i wanted and drew pictures, but somehow i ended up with tickets to the right destination but not the beds that i wanted (its a over 30h train ride). back at the ticket office they try to tell me, that if i would like to change the tickets i have to go to the main office at the train station. i tried to explain to them that it was not me who made a mistake and therefore i shouldn´t be the one who has to spend extra time and money into  solving the problem. trying to explain the problem included of course at least 10 people and i ended up going with the lady from the ticket office downtown to the train station and back!? (she had to close her office for that)

day 059 – rest day

Sonntag, Mai 30th, 2010

chengdu – rest day

as i was riding until 23.30 last night i felt like relaxing and taking care of journal, blogs, pictures…. while alex went to see the pandas. in the afternoon we washed the bikes and had some good chats with kate&nic ( and michael (





things we didn´t eat!


P1100100 P1100102 


day 058 – km 30851

Sonntag, Mai 30th, 2010

chengdu – mao xian (bus) – chengdu (bike)

170km 638 alti meter

a long day on the road! it started a little difficult, as there was no direct bus to mao xian, so we had to change to a mini-van-taxi in wenchan. we picked up our bikes and alex took the bus back to chengdu while i cycled.  at first 42km more of the construction dusty road, then against the wind on paved road. the earthquake 2 years ago must have been disastrous. it seems that the mountain collapsed and covered / washed away the old road / villages…. over several km. at some points they left pieces of evidence as memorial / ruins while building a new highway on the other side of the river. a couple of new tunnels lead the road downstream and turns somehow into a freeway with long dark tunnels. after a 3,7km and a couple of 2km long tunnels i got a ride with a police car to the next freeway exit, where i could continue riding.



IMG_2546  IMG_2549   IMG_2553 IMG_2557 IMG_2561 IMG_2566

day 057 – rest day

Sonntag, Mai 30th, 2010

chengdu – rest day

the checking for route alternatives took so much time, that we were to late for the bus back to mao xian, so we had a relaxing evening.


P1100046 P1100044

day 056 – bus transfer

Sonntag, Mai 30th, 2010

mao xian – chengdu

on  the 3,5h bus ride we could learn again something about chinese mentality. people seem to be only focused on the 5m ahead of them. they don´t care what is left or right of them, or what might be 20m ahead. so if the traffic slows down or stops because of a construction or something else, they start honking the horn and passing until everything stands still with 4 rows of vehicles blocking every direction.

 P1100024 P1100025 P1100027



day 055 – km 30681

Sonntag, Mai 30th, 2010

songpan – mao xian

33km on bike / 110km in a pick up

what a day off unexpected changes!? we thought about taking the bus to chengdu, but the only bus there this day didn´t have any seats available (and he wouldn´t have taken the bikes). so we started cycling on the bumpy/dusty road. it started to rain, which had the advantage that it got a little less dusty. the next thing which turned out to have a major impact on the route happened when we were just about to have a snack. a dog bit alex in the hand. not really bad, but enough to need treatment and not being able to continue cycling that day. so we got a pick up / mini van which brought us to mao xian, from which we thought the road will be paved and we can continue as planed.

 IMG_2515 IMG_2517


IMG_2520 IMG_2522 IMG_2523 


day 054 – rest day

Montag, Mai 24th, 2010

songpan – rest day

time again to renew our visa and update the blog…

same country – different procedures

instead of 3-5 days the visa extension took only 1h here!?


 IMG_2508 IMG_2510 IMG_2511



day 053 – km 30648

Montag, Mai 24th, 2010

nianduoba – songpan

70km 229 alti meter

what a change from the highland to the alpine like river valley with amazing smells of flowers and pine forests. the icy cold northern wind, which gave us some morning frost is gone and we face the warm breeze from the southern valley. the last stretch to songpan from chuanzhusi is still a rough / dusty construction road. the people in town tell us that it is like this since the earthquake 2 years ago.

P1090966 P1090971 P1090975 P1090976

IMG_2505 IMG_2501



day 052 – km 30578

Montag, Mai 24th, 2010

zoige – nianduoba

90km 611 alti meter

more highland / marshland on which some nomad people live with their yaks.


 P1090929 P1090932  P1090934 P1090936 P1090939 P1090944 P1090949


the chinese “viagra”

IMG_2497 IMG_2498 IMG_2500

day 051 – km 30488

Montag, Mai 24th, 2010

naihai – zoige

130km 728 alti meter

more nice grass / highlands and the lahmo monastery in langmusi.



IMG_2390 IMG_2391P1090828     P1090829



IMG_2403 IMG_2412P1090855


water driven praying drum

IMG_2416 IMG_2421 IMG_2423 IMG_2429 IMG_2434    IMG_2441 IMG_2443 IMG_2455



 IMG_2468 IMG_2470     

P1090874 P1090877 P1090879 P1090882 P1090902  P1090911 


day 050 – km 30357

Montag, Mai 24th, 2010

daohe river – naihai

80km 767 alti meter

some thunder & lightning in the night and a cold day on the road. the people are very friendly and curious up here. the traditional coats they wear are huge with very long sleeves. so they wrap them almost twice around themselves and somehow try to keep the long sleeves from the ground.


P1090764 P1090766P1090767


some rough parts on concrete road


a dog caught one of the thousands marmots


6 chinese cyclists going the other way

IMG_2364 IMG_2367P1090793



indoor camping, not much shelter from the cold but at least dry


day 049 – km 30277

Montag, Mai 24th, 2010

ci ge ga ama – daohe river

53km 203 alti meter

again a very nice riding day on this highlands with lots of yaks, marmots, sheep, goats, horses, birds… the place was so nice that we camped very early on a nice spot at the river.

 P1090697 P1090699

 IMG_2256 IMG_2264 IMG_2265 IMG_2277 IMG_2278 IMG_2280 IMG_2287P1090707P1090714


 IMG_2296 IMG_2297  IMG_2301  IMG_2305




IMG_2313  IMG_2316   IMG_2328


day 048 – km 30224

Montag, Mai 24th, 2010

xiahe – ci ge ga ama

56km 668 alti meter

as the weather is still cold but sunnier then yesterday we take one more look at the labrang monastery and the village before continuing our route south, up to the very quiet grasslands.





IMG_2213 IMG_2217

P1090631 P1090622 P1090628

IMG_2221 IMG_2229 IMG_2230


day 047 – km 30168

Sonntag, Mai 23rd, 2010

15km< xiahe – xiahe

16km 151 alti meter

again a cold rainy night in the tent. we ride into the village and check out the chinese, the muslim and the tibetan district with the labrang monastry.

 IMG_2138   IMG_2143  IMG_2147 





IMG_2183 IMG_2187 IMG_2189  IMG_2196 IMG_2197 IMG_2199





day 046 – km 30152

Sonntag, Mai 23rd, 2010

horzang xinggo – 15km< xiahe

59km 673 alti meter

it rained hard all night and morning so we started late. the friendliness of the people around here is amazing as we see lots of smiling faces all day (although not all of them like to have pictures taken of them) while we cycle upstreams towards the big mountains.

IMG_2112P1090506 IMG_2114




P1090502     P1090521  P1090530  

IMG_2121P1090517P1090519  IMG_2132   


P1090537 P1090544


day 045 – km 30093

Sonntag, Mai 23rd, 2010

15km> linxia – horzang xinggo

55km 429 alti meter

my speedometer doesn´t work proper anymore, so i couldn´t take a picture of the 30.000 km of this trip. the day started with some maintenances (new brake pads and some wheel tuning) before the downhill to town.

P1090469  IMG_2103

IMG_2090P1090470   IMG_2098 IMG_2101 

 P1090472  P1090480



day 044 – km 30038

Sonntag, Mai 23rd, 2010

yongjing – 15km< linxia

67,9km 1347 alti meter

nice ride in this amazing landscape with farming terraces and a majority of muslim hui people.






P1090404 P1090409 IMG_2042 P1090418 P1090419 P1090422 P1090431   P1090443  P1090447 P1090448  P1090450 P1090451 P1090452

IMG_2056   IMG_2067



day 043 – km 29970

Sonntag, Mai 23rd, 2010

lanzhou – yongjing

82,35km 886 alti meter

in the morning the bikes arrived at the train station. we left the not very friendly city following the river and then we headed into the mountains.


IMG_2009  IMG_2008


day 042 – train ride (8,5h)

Sonntag, Mai 23rd, 2010

jiayuguan – lanzhou

before taking the train to the capital of the gansu province, we check out where the great wall takes its way east… we arrived late in lanzhou and on top of that were the bikes not on the same train!?


 IMG_1929 IMG_1936 IMG_1939 IMG_1946



IMG_1952   IMG_1959






the staff from the train sells all kinds of gadgets and games…


… which keeps everyone busy for a while…

day 041 – km 29879

Sonntag, Mai 23rd, 2010

jiayuguan – the end of the great wall

on the way to the end of the great wall museum we passed a big muslim mosque and a buddhist temple. interesting to see that the different religions seem not to have any conflicts existing so close together. the fortress and the river mark the end of the great wall. beyond that starts the desert where the caravans of the silk road exchanged goods with the west.










IMG_1822 IMG_1825 IMG_1826 IMG_1830 IMG_1835 IMG_1838 IMG_1840 IMG_1841  

 P1090263   P1090273IMG_1865IMG_1872  P1090283  P1090287  


 IMG_1900 IMG_1896  IMG_1899

day 040 – train ride (33h)

Sonntag, Mai 23rd, 2010

chengdu – jiayuguan

to “survive” 33h on a train we booked the so called “soft sleeper” (4 beds in one small room) and it turned out to be quiet a smooth and enjoyable ride.


our “home” for almost 2 days.


big snow capped mountains in the background



day 039 – rest day

Sonntag, Mai 23rd, 2010

chengdu – rest day

we checked out a couple of the outdoor stores in the area of the hostel and bought train tickets to jiayuguan. chengdu seems to be a big stoppover for tibet tourists. in our hostel stayed a couple chinese chengdu-lhasa-cyclists (we would have liked to take that route, but that seems for individual travelling not chinese people at the moment not possible!?)


day 038 – km 29820

Sonntag, Mai 23rd, 2010

meishan – chengdu

125,85km 212 alti meter

arriving in the big city after a fast smooth ride, although the road is not in a very good condition at times. nice to meet one of our chinese cycling friends again. he and his friend took us on a shopping tour around town and later to a good dinner place.


 P1090185  P1090189 P1090190  P1090192 P1090194 P1090195 P1090201

day 037 – km 29694

Sonntag, Mai 23rd, 2010

baoguo – meishan

87,25km 342 alti meter

tourist sights are not always easy to find! it took us about 1h to finally find the cliffs of the thousand buddhas. (which is a nice walk along the river and ends at the paper / printing museum.



 P1090153 P1090157P1090156





IMG_1738 IMG_1744 IMG_1745 IMG_1750IMG_1778 


day 036 – hike & rest

Donnerstag, Mai 6th, 2010

emei mountain (golden summit) – baoguo

1,5 hour hike down from 3060m to 2420m

the clouds were as thick as yesterday although we thought it might be clear after the rainstorm all night. back at the village baoguo with tourist restaurants, street lights and decorated side walk trees.

 P1090092 P1090096 P1090097 







day 035 – hiking day

Donnerstag, Mai 6th, 2010

emei mountain (wannian monestry) – emei mountain (golden summit)

8h hike about 2200 alti meter

thousands of steps into the thick rain clouds. we hoped for clear weather and a nice sunrise and camped at the mountain top @ 3060 meters.

P1090091 P1090074





analog laptop

IMG_1667  IMG_1670  IMG_1692 IMG_1688 IMG_1689 IMG_1690 IMG_1691