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day 067 – km 31000

Sonntag, Juni 6th, 2010

beijing – sightseeing


back to the “antik” market panjiayuan where 90% of the goods are fake (as we have been told). the market opens at 4.30am on weekends so if there are any bargains they are long gone when the day trippers arrive.





day 066 – km 30981

Sonntag, Juni 6th, 2010

bejing – sightseeing

35km 81 alti meter

the park of the temple of heaven is a nice place to hang out and to watch the people practise kungfu, taichi, juggling, diabolo, dancing, singing…. or just walking backwards!? we passed the “antik” market panjiayuan and decided to come back tomorrow morning as there is just to much to see. in the evening we went to the red theater to see “the legend of kungfu” show. which was nice and touristy with playback voices in english and chinese “subtitels” on a screen.


the CCTV building

P1100215 P1100216 P1100217 P1100219IMG_2667

a big group of chinese cyclists on the supported tour to shanghai


P1100220 P1100223


day 065 – sightseeing

Sonntag, Juni 6th, 2010

beijing – badaling – beijing

we took the bus to badaling which is about 70km north east of beijing to see the great wall there. although it is called the great wall, it was almost hard to see the wall because of the masses of tourists!? alex made some great crepes for dinner back at davids place.



P1100199  P1100204 P1100205 


day 064 – sightseeing

Sonntag, Juni 6th, 2010

beijing – sightseeing

the beijing metro in rush hour is a “impressive” experience! we went to the forbidden city to see the palace museum, the gallery of treasures and the gallery of timepieces…


 P1100140 P1100145 P1100154 P1100158      

IMG_2612 IMG_2617 IMG_2618  P1100159


IMG_2624 IMG_2629





day 063 – km 30936

Sonntag, Juni 6th, 2010

beijing – sightseeing

40km 109 alti meter

nice ride around town to see the tianánmen square and some hutong called districts. nice little shops, filled with “antik” instruments in one district and all kind of food / non food stores in another one. all what a tourist could want in narrow alleys.




P1100137   IMG_2584  



IMG_2598 IMG_2599 


day 062 – rest day

Sonntag, Juni 6th, 2010

beijing – rest day

we arrived in beijing in the morning and tried to ride to david. (a very nice and well travelled “warmshower-host”) there is a lot to see and do in bejing, so we spent the rest of the day planing the next couple days of sightseeing.

 P1100117 P1100118 P1100119