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day 031 – train ride / rest day

Samstag, Mai 1st, 2010

zhaotong – zigong

about 400km / 6 hours train ride

it took 2 hours to get tickets for us and the bikes and they checked all our bags twice (i stopped them when they tried it the third time!?) interesting spicy fondue dinner and then a taste of bejing opera in the hotel, as a group of friends of the bejing opera gave us a probe of the traditional singing, dancing and music.

 P1080856 P1080862



alex and her “la marseillaise” adaption



day 030 – km 29425

Samstag, Mai 1st, 2010

10km > xiushui – zhaotong

80,79km 950 alti meter

we changed from the guizhou province to the yunnan province which has a large muslim hui community. the train station of zhatong is about 10km out of town (the airport seems nearer)!? so we ended up on the night train to zigong with the help of our new friend. some students around here are very ambitious to improve their english, so they come up to us to offer help (or just to ask for a picture with us).






IMG_1410 IMG_1401  


IMG_1416 IMG_1421

day 029 – km 29344

Samstag, Mai 1st, 2010

weining / lake caohai – 10km > xiushui

53,35km 711 alti meter

after a cold day yesterday the sun came through!?! we didn´t have sunshine for a while, so we enjoyed the views and the quietness at the lake and left around noon.

IMG_1357  P1080785

P1080797 P1080793 P1080794

P1080804 P1080801

P1080831 P1080823 P1080824  IMG_1366 IMG_1370 IMG_1377 




some farmers showed alex the local technique for a campfire